Read my TOS before commissioning me!



I will NOT draw:
LogosVehiclesDetailed backgroundsDifferent art stylesOverly muscley charactersWeird fetish artHeavily armored charactersHeavy MechaNSFW art of real people or underage characters
I will draw:
OCs/FursonasAnimalsFan ArtNSFW (you must be 18+)Mild gore

What I like drawing:
I am a bit picky with what I like to work with, so characters that interest me more will have the advantage of getting a slot in my commissions! This is not me saying that I won’t work with something unless it is in this list, it is just me suggesting things.

Female charactersDemons and monstersCute thingsCanines


I only accept Paypal as payment in USD!

Paying with Paypal:
Payment via Paypal requires you, the commissioner to share with I, the artist, an email which you have permission to access for me to then send you an invoice. Please be prepared to have an email ready if I choose to accept your commission.

Hourly Pay:
I charge my works based on how many hours I have worked on them. My hourly rate is $25.00 an hour and I will do my best to keep track of my times on each of my projects. I do have an idea of how long it usually takes me to do projects and I will charge upfront for the minimum time it takes me. This will be your “Down Payment”, and if I go over the amount previously paid, I will require my overtime to be paid before you receive your finished artwork.

For a general idea of how much something might cost you, here is how long it generally takes me to work on projects.

These times can differ with complexity of projects:
➜ Flat colors tend to take me between 1 hours and 2.5+ hours ($25.00 - $62.50+)
➜ Full colors tend to take me between 3 hours and 5+ hours ($75.00 - $125.00+)

Partial Payment / Down Payment:
➜ Anything below $50 USD must be made in full payments.
➜ If I go over the amount previously paid, I will require my overtime to be paid before you receive your finished artwork. We can discuss payment plans if you need.

How partial payment will work:
We will discuss a plan that will work best for you and me.I will NOT start on the project until the minimum amount for the down payment is paid!Please make sure to pay on time as discussed! If you’re having any problems PLEASE let me know ASAP!
Other methods of payment:
I will not accept any other forms of payment other than Paypal.

You, The Commissioner:
Please do not send me payment if I have not accepted your Commission order yet!


Here you can see my prices and examples for commissions!
Please make sure you have read everything above before commissioning me as well as my terms of service.



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